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Coding For Kids with Scratch Jr: Junior Stars (5 – 8 Years)

12 Lessons
What you'll learn
Understand the basics of what a computer is and how it works.
Identify the main parts of a computer, including the screen, keyboard, and mouse.
Appreciate the significance of computers in our daily lives.
Comprehend that computers follow instructions to perform tasks.
Explore coding in a kid-friendly language, Scratch.
Be inspired and curious about the world of technology and what they can achieve with it.

Digital Literacy For Kids: Safe & Responsible Use of Gadgets

What you'll learn
Clearly define Digital literacy
Understand how the computer works
Ability to maintain privacy and stay safe online
Manage screen time and maintain a healthful life

Coding with Python for Kids and Teens – Beginners

13 Lessons
What you'll learn
Introduction to Coding
Getting Started with Python
Making Decisions with Python
Creating Fun Objects, Games, and Projects
Performing Calculations with Python
Solving Problems with Python
Sharing and Collaboration