Family Tech Courses

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Digital Literacy For Kids: Safe & Responsible Use of Gadgets

What you'll learn
Clearly define Digital literacy
Understand how the computer works
Ability to maintain privacy and stay safe online
Manage screen time and maintain a healthful life

Digital Literacy MasterClass for Parents: Safeguarding Your Family in the Digital Age

All Levels
What you'll learn
Understand the basics of digital technologies and online navigation
Implement essential online safety practices to protect children
Safeguard children's online experiences by teaching them about privacy and managing screen time
Navigate social media platforms, manage privacy settings, and teach responsible social media use
Identify signs of cyberbullying and support affected children
Promote a healthy balance between online and offline activities for children
Stay informed about online trends and access reliable online sources of information
Gain knowledge and skills in online financial literacy to teach children about responsible money management and making informed financial decisions