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About This Course

Welcome to ‘Coding with Python for Kids and Teens’! This beginner-friendly course introduces young learners to coding using Python.

Through interactive lessons, creative projects, and fun activities, kids will learn Python’s basics in an accessible and engaging way. They’ll build problem-solving skills and express creativity as they bring ideas to life through coding.

Mode of Delivery:

  • Online content
  • Blended with Real-time classroom or live Google Meet or Zoom Sessions

Learning Objectives

Introduction to Coding
Getting Started with Python
Making Decisions with Python
Creating Fun Objects, Games, and Projects
Performing Calculations with Python
Solving Problems with Python
Sharing and Collaboration

Material Includes

  • Engaging Video Lessons
  • Interactive Coding Activities
  • Live interactive classes
  • 24/7 mentorship and support
  • Creative Projects
  • Quizzes and Assessments


  • Access to a computer, laptop, or tablet
  • Regular access to internet
  • No Basic computer literacy skills needed
  • A positive attitude, a passion for creativity, and a willingness to explore and experiment with coding concepts.

Target Audience

  • Young people aged 12 years and above
  • Anyone curious for TECH through coding
  • Young people with desire to explore the world of coding
  • NOTE: We also consider outliers (less than 12 but able to handle the program)


13 Lessons

Module 1: Introduction to the Course

Welcome to the Course
Self Introduction
Course Syllabus
How to Succeed in this Course

Module 2: Introduction to Programming

This exciting module takes your first step into the world of programming. It explores what programming is, why it's essential in today's digital age, and how computers receive and follow instructions.

Module 3: Python as a Programming Language

n Module 2, you'll get to know Python, a super-friendly programming language. Learn about Python's origins, why it's awesome, and what makes it special. Discover when it might not be the best choice. By the end of this module, you'll see why Python is like a cool superhero in the world of coding!

Module 4: Setting Up Our Coding Environment

This module guides you through setting up your coding environment. Explore the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used, which is Replit. Get a brief summary of what to expect in this module as your workspace is prepared for coding adventures!

Module 5: Python Basics

This module teaches you the fundamental concepts of Python, such as how to write and run your first Python program. You will learn about variables, data types, and how to use them to store and manipulate information.

Module 6: Performing Calculations with Python

In this module, you will discover how to perform calculations using Python. You will learn about mathematical operators and how to use them to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers. You will also explore how to use Python to solve simple math problems.

Module 7: Making Logical Decisions with Python

This module introduces you to the concept of making decisions in Python. You will learn about conditional statements, such as if statements, and how to use them to make your programs behave differently based on certain conditions.

Module 8: Repeating Actions in Python

In this module, you will explore how to repeat actions in Python using loops. You will learn about the while loop and the for loop, and how to use them to repeat a block of code multiple times. This can be helpful when you want to perform a task over and over again.

Module 9: Drawing with Python’s Turtle

This module introduces you to the fun world of drawing with Python. You will learn how to use the turtle module to create colorful drawings and patterns on the screen. You will discover how to move the turtle, change its shape, and draw shapes like squares, circles, and spirals.

Module 10: Project

The project is where you get to show off what you've learned in all the previous modules! You'll use the cool Python programming language to create your very own project. Remember all the stuff you learned about variables, numbers, making decisions, and repeating actions? Well, now you can put it all together and make something awesome! Whether it's solving a problem or drawing colorful shapes, this project is all about using your creativity and showing off your new coding skills.

Bonus: Personal Branding

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Material Includes

  • Engaging Video Lessons
  • Interactive Coding Activities
  • Live interactive classes
  • 24/7 mentorship and support
  • Creative Projects
  • Quizzes and Assessments
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