Go Beyond

We empower educational institutions, training schools, organizations, companies or Professionals to reach beyond geographical and institutional boundaries. Access tools and initial guidance you need to broaden your educational reach, making learning accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Development Support

Effortlessly develop and customize your training courses and curricula with the expert support of our team. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the process, and our team is here to provide initial guidance and support. We help you add content, videos, quizzes, and more to ensure your courses and curricula align perfectly with your training goals.

World Class

Effortlessly share training courses and curricula with students, employees, or clients. Our secure, high-speed hosting guarantees a seamless, safe, and fast learning experience. Initial support ensures effortless distribution.


Expand your revenue streams by making your courses and curricula accessible to a wide audience. Kugker allows you to set pricing, manage enrolments, and handle payments with ease. 

Learning Community

Connect with your audience through discussion forums, messaging, and collaborative learning. Our team can guide you in creating a supportive environment for knowledge sharing and curriculum development.

Analytics &

Monitor learner progress, engagement, and sales performance. Consolidate insights and tracking into a single, user-friendly platform for more informed training and curriculum development.


We offer various payment methods and plans for your convenience. Whether you prefer shared revenue, monthly subscriptions, annual subscriptions or custom payment schedules, we accommodate your financial preferences. Pay with ease and enjoy our services hassle-free.